Waleed Aly Hijacks ‘Stop The Boats’ To Save The Great Barrier Reef

Waleed Aly continues to use his combined powers of intelligence and charm to highlight huge issues facing Australia.

Last week, it was the Adam Goodes debate. Before that, it was domestic violence. And now, it’s the Great Barrier Reef, which is rapidly dying and will continue to do so unless we do something.

Although the World Heritage Committeenotes with concern” that the outlook for the Great Barrier Reef is poor, and that this is due to climate change, poor water quality, and impacts from coastal developments, early reports are looking like it won’t be declared endangered. SMDH.

So Waleed Aly has a new plan: stop the goddam boats. The coal boats, that is.

Save The Reef

Waleed has something to say about the Great Barrier Reef. Written with @mattybendall & @twhittyer #StopTheBoats #SaveTheReef #TheProjectTV

Posted by The Project on Wednesday, 3 June 2015