Queen Liz, A Shady Binch, Wore An Obama-Gifted Brooch During Trump’s UK Visit

So the horrifying reality of US President Donald Trump meeting sovereign piss demon Queen Elizabeth II has come and gone with great fanfare and furore. But while we’ve all gone over the meeting with fine-toothed comb looking for the one egregious, minute break of royal protocol that will finally bring the Trump Presidency down in a flaming wreck, there’s one tiny detail you may have missed. And it involves the goddamned Queen of England being a spicy trollop whomst ardently adores drama.

The story goes that last Thursday, Queen Liz was hosting an official visit from the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar at Windsor Castle. Observe.

Image: Getty / WPA Pool

Nothing out of the ordinary there, right? Until you zoom in a little closer.

That brooch, resting prominently on Queen’s lapel, just-so-happens to be the American State Visit Brooch, gifted to her by then-President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama during their first official visit to the UK in 2011. The same brooch that Liz wore again at a subsequent dinner with the Obamas at Winfield House in London.

And of all the brooches the Queen has in her no-doubt vast collection, this one – one gifted by Barack and Michelle Obama – is the one she very coincidentally chooses to drag out on the exact day that Donald Trump arrives in her country.

Some may interpret this as a mere coincidence, or even a welcoming nod to an American head-of-state arriving in the Queen’s domain.

But quite obviously it’s a sly Royal middle finger to the orange pudding man from the petulant former colony whom Liz clearly harbours a desire to kick square in the plums, step on his face, and grind the dirt from her regal shoes into his eyes without thinking so much as twice about it. All before popping off for her regularly scheduled 3pm gin.

Because Queen Liz may be a lot of things, but above all else she is a sauced-up bulldog who you simply do not cross.

Long live.