Meanwhile, a humongous “Trump Baby” blimp has come to life and is currently floating over a street in London as the city awaits the visit of one controversial world leader, US President Donald Trump. 

Trump plans to speak to Prime Minister Theresa May and say hello to the Queen – the usual for travelling world leaders while balloon Trump plans to fly from Parliament Square to Westminster. 

Last month, London mayor Sadiq Khan approved the plans set by activist groups who are against a bunch of Trump’s policies. Campaigners reportedly raised about AUD $28,400 for the project.

A spokesman for the mayor said in a statement, “The mayor supports the right to peaceful protest and understands that this can take many different forms.”

About an hour ago, an extremely deflated balloon Trump sat outside Parliament Square awaiting inflation and then well, it came alive.

The orange balloon is 6 metres tall and has tiny hands with one holding a phone. Balloon Trump is also dressed in a nappy.

He even has his own very active Twitter page with its most recent tweet being:

Giant blimp baby Trump isn’t the only form of protest campaigners have planned for the President’s trip through the country.

Together Against Trump is a march scheduled for 2PM (local time) Friday through Portland Place – outside BBC’s headquarters and ending at Trafalgar Square in Central London. More than 9,500 people have expressed their interest in the march with nearly 4,000 clicking ‘Going’.

According to the Facebook page, the march will protest against “his policies of racism, war, sexism, and hate.” 

Afterwards, Trump will visit Scotland. More demonstrations have been planned in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Trump actually owns a golf course there under the name Trump Turnberry, or just Turnberry and protesters are keen to fly the blimp over it.

However, Scotland’s not very amused by the whole thing and has banned the giant balloon.

SO, protesters have started a petition that already has 14,000 signatures out of its 15,000 goal.

It might not be coming home but there ya go.

Image: Twitter / Baby Trump