The Huge Pissy Pants Trump Blimp Could Be Headed To Australia This Year

The huge Donald Trump baby blimp famously flown during protests in the UK could be headed here to Australia in plans to protest the US President‘s visit slated for later this year.

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The inflatable orange piss baby is 6 metres in height and was once described by former UKIP leader and Trump supporter, Nigel Farage, as “the biggest insult to a sitting US president ever”. That’s kinda the point, mate.

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In February, PM Malcolm Turnbull invited the rotund pastry man for a visit, and while no formal date has been established, it’s expected that Trump will stop by after November’s Apec summit in Papua New Guinea. To ensure old mate doesn’t feel at all welcome, organisers are working with the blimp’s owners to get it over here for the event.

“The Trump baby blimp has become this kind of globally recognised symbol of opposition to Trump,” organiser Simone White told The Guardian. “We have been in touch with the people that made the blimp and they are actually really keen to have it travel around the world. They’re excited to get the blimp to Australia. Now we’re just in the process of figuring out how to send it, which won’t be too hard.”

White expects the protest – currently named United Against Trump – to be absolutely huge, and perhaps even one of the “biggest protests in Australia in a long time,” she said.

The blimp itself was actually crowdfunded and cost £17,300 ($30,701) to birth. Hopefully the organisers will successfully get it here so we as a nation can collectively flip off the big orange man.