Giant-Orange-Nappy-Wearing ‘Trump Baby’ Will Take To The Air In Scotland

That six metre very angry-looking-giant-orange-nappy-wearing-phone-holding Trump blimp is now in Scotland… awaiting inflation as thousands of Scottish people prepare to protest the US President’s visit.

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He’s currently taking a nap (?).

Protests are expected in Edinburgh and Glasgow. 

In Edinburgh there’ll be a Scotland United Against Trump march at about 12pm – right about now. Protesters will make their way into city park, The Meadows for a national demonstration against the world leader under the name, Carnival of Resistance. 

Trump Baby will make an appearance at The Meadows.

An Edinburgh City Council spokeswoman said:

“The council, Police Scotland and the Civil Aviation Authority were happy to give it the go-ahead as there were no security concerns.”

However, the blimp was barred from the steps of Scottish Parliament in Holyrood. 

Per the Scotland United Against Trump Facebook page, the demonstration will see protesters march through the city to “show solidarity with all the people and group’s [Trump] is attacking.” 

Earlier today, the president landed in the country where he’ll spend two days at his hotel and golf course named Turnberry:

As he arrived, a Green Peace paraglider was reportedly spotted flying quite close to the hotel with a banner reading “Trump: well below par #resist.” 

Police are looking for the bloke.

Original plans had Trump Baby flying over Turnberry but air restrictions stopped this from happening.

Based on Twitter, the street’s of Edinburgh and Glasgow are ready to go:

Overnight and while Trump was breaking royal protocol with the Queen of England, hundreds of thousands of Londoners took to the streets in the city’s centre to protest his visit. Trump Baby came along as the march took off from Parliament Square all the way to Westminster. 

Last month, London mayor Sadiq Khan approved Trump Baby after campaigners raised about AUD $28,400 for the project.

A spokesman for the mayor said in a statement, “The mayor supports the right to peaceful protest and understands that this can take many different forms.”

Trump Baby’s official Twitter account was pleased with the London numbers: