People Reckon Spicy Binch Queen Liz Is Shading Trump Via Her Outfit Again

Queen Trump

Last year when Queen Elizabeth met Donald Trump on his official visit, she threw inordinate amounts of shade at the current US President by sporting a lovely brooch that had been gifted to her by the former US President Barack Obama. The spice! The sass! It was a move packed to the brim with big dick energy, and it looks like the shady binch is at it again.

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The 93-year-old is being forced to endure yet another visit from Trump and his family, so it’s little wonder she might turn to her accessories to express her disdain for the man. Eagle-eyed royal watchers have noticed that she’s been sporting a tiara packed with rubies, and people that know about the magical powers of crystals are clued in to the relevance of this.

The tiara, adorned with approximately 10 million rubies and diamonds, is apparently designed to ward off disease and evil — which the people of Twitter decided to really, really read into. I’m not mad about it, either.

I mean sure, it could entirely be a coincidence that the Queen selected that particular piece of headgear packed with hidden meanings for Trump’s visit. Certain people would call it “Fake News Media!” But it’s more fun to really, really read into it, don’t you think?