Here Are 20 Of The Best Inauguration Memes That Should Also Be Protected By The Secret Service

Presidential Inauguration Best Memes Bernie Sanders

By now you surely must have seen that Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th President of the United States, marking the official end of the reign of terror that came before him. The memes have been flawless, thoroughly entertaining, and surprisingly, about everything other than Biden.

Lately, an American political event has been synonymous with a massive influx of entertaining memes. Politicians work hard, but the internet works harder, and after every event, there have been a whole smorgasbord of delicious memes to devour.

The inauguration was a splendid time for such memes, with the main winners being Bernie Sanders and Barron Trump. I mean, how was one to predict that these would be the main players? Memes are truly an unpredictable force of nature.

So, without further ado, here are 20 of the best memes from the presidential inauguration, starting with memes about Lady Gaga, who gave a stunning performance at the event.

Notice the super subtle symbolism on Gaga’s inauguration fit. She really is the queen of clever clothing.

And of course, as the internet does, there was some pretty wild memes that made me audibly gasp.

I mean, we were all scared that it would happen deep, deep down, some people just wrote it out.

It wouldn’t be a meme roundup without another stunning addition to the collection of ‘Jason Derulo falling down the stairs’ memes.

And now for the massive players in this inauguration event, Bernie and Barron.

Let’s start with Bernie. The man sat there, arms crossed, mask on, and suddenly he’s taking over the internet with hundreds of memes being made of him. The power that possesses. Iconic.

I am truly amazed at how fast the internet operates. I could barely remember my name this morning and these folks whipped up memes in seconds of seeing Bernie in a chair.

And of course, any chance to put Phoebe Bridgers into an article, I will take. It’s technically a Bernie meme! You can’t stop me!

This one, however. This one sent me.

Barron Trump also became a meme after Donald and Melania were spotted leaving the White House without him. In fact, most of the family could be spotted at some point throughout the day, but there was a distinct lack of Barron.

Someone tell me he hasn’t received the Home Alone treatment.