‘Big W’ Was Trending Worldwide Thanks To Joe Biden & A Lot Of Very Fkn Confused Aussies

Big W Twitter Trending Yarn

The presidential inauguration of Joe Biden, like most things in American politics, was an absolute goldmine for memes. My favourite of all the internet moments however was when Big W started trending on Twitter, and a bunch of Aussies got confused because it most definitely was not because of the store.

Big W, or should I say, Big Woolworths, is an iconic store for sure, but unfortunately, it didn’t do anything to become a massively trending topic online. Nay, the Big W meant ‘big win’, and was in reference to the presidential inauguration of Joe Biden.

Scouring the Big W trend on Twitter you will run into one of three things: people tweeting Big W to celebrate Biden’s inauguration, American folks tweeting about a sports game win, or a whole bunch of confused Aussies. Naturally, when we see that Big W is trending, we expect there to be something going on with our favourite blue store.

Oh well, maybe one day Big W will get it’s time in the sun that it deserves so badly. Alas, until then we can wait patiently and enjoy the confusion.

Here are some of the actual tweets that used Big W in reference to American politics.

And now, here is the fun part, a bunch of Aussies tweeting that they truthfully thought the store was trending when it wasn’t.



Honestly, the store trending in any kind of way is just a real big win, so let’s celebrate that.

Right now there are about one hundred memes an hour getting pumped out online in regards to the inauguration of Joe Biden as president. A lot of the memes are about Bernie Sanders however, who stole the entire show with an iconic pic of him sitting down. Yes, just sitting down. You can take a look at all of those memes right here.

If you need me, I’m going to take a trip to my local Big W, because it deserves it.