He May Not Be President Of The US, But Bernie Sanders Is President Of The Internet Today

bernie sanders

Despite not winning the presidency, sweet angel man Bernie Sanders has truly stolen the show at today’s inauguration ceremony and I can’t stress how much I love this for him.

Bernie was the president America deserved, promising affordable education, healthcare for all and gun control, among countless other privileges we are just born with here in Australia. Sadly, he didn’t cop the Democratic nomination last year, but he went along to the inauguration to support Joe Biden and Kamala Harris nonetheless.

The Inauguration ceremony is usually a time for sophisticated and symbolic dressing, with Kamala – along with the former First Ladies – all donning purple outfits to symbolise the unity of the red and blue sides of politics.

And then we’ve got Bernie, who showed up in a casual jacket and some very on-brand mittens, made by a friend of his family back in Vermont (they’re also made from recycled materials).

But being incredibly under-dressed for the occasion didn’t stop Bernie from stealing the show, becoming an instant viral sensation and my now go-to response to meetings that could’ve been emails.


He is truly a mood.

Usually, I am a firm believer in not stanning politicians, but I’m going to formally give Bernie a pass because he will never be president and is just a nice guy. You can stan Bernie just a little, as a treat.

I mean, he’s wearing the same jacket from *that* Bernie meme, which is a power move if I ever saw one.

Honestly, this is my forever mood when I think about how we could’ve had a Bernie Sanders presidency.

If somebody invites you to a party that you don’t want to go to, what do you do? You chuck them one of these.


Sure, the inauguration may have been the most important thing on Biden’s calendar. But Bernie? Nah man, Bernie has *shit* to do.

Look, I’m stoked for Biden on the whole ~president~ thing, but Bernie Sanders has singlehandedly made weather-appropriate dadcore trendy and for that, we simply must applaud him.

Is this whole article just an excuse for me to yell about how much I love Bernie Sanders? Look, probably, but you’re the one who read the whole damn thing. Check mate.