This Clip Of Bernie Sanders Grinning At His Meme Will Warm The Cockles Of A Thousand Hearts

Bernie Sanders

US Senator Bernie Sanders is a deadest legend, but he sure doesn’t smile much. Until now.

CNN interviewed Sanders on Monday (Aussie time), and before saying goodbye, they couldn’t help but ask what he thought of the meme he sparked after rocking up to the presidential inauguration in the cutest jacket and mittens ever.

Anchor Dana Bash showed Sanders a bunch of favourites, however the Kath & Kim version was sadly – but understandably! – lacking.

“Are you having as much fun with this as the world is?” she asked.

Sanders didn’t miss a beat: “I am.”

The man’s grin alone sent angelic shockwaves all around the world. Look at him. He’s an absolute king and his radiant smile proves it.

In true Bernie Sanders style, the meme has also led to a material benefit for working class and disadvantaged Americans.

“And not only are we having fun, but what we’re doing here in Vermont, is we’re gonna be selling around the country sweatshirts and t-shirts, and all of the money that’s gonna be raised – which I expect will be a couple of million dollars – will be going to programs like Meals on Wheels that feed low-income senior citizens,” he said.

“It turns out, actually, to be a good thing, not only a fun thing.”

Aside from Meals on Wheels, the proceeds are also going to Vermont-based charities like Feeding Chittenden, The Chill Foundation and various Vermont Community Action centres.

The merch is being dubbed the Chairman Sanders line, which is honestly a great pun and also incredibly brave, considering how anal Americans can be about anything that might seem adversarial in the slightest way towards unfettered late-stage capitalism.

Of course, consumerism is no antidote to the perils of capitalism, but it’s a bit of fun which supports several very worthwhile causes.

The jumpers have already sold out. However you can still cop t-shirts at the Sanders Campaign’s official merch store.

You can watch the full CNN segment here (the meme chatter begins at 7:11).

He may not have won the Democratic Primaries, but Bernie still found a way to win the inauguration. Finally, a sliver of justice.