In A Spectacular Update, The ‘Is It Ok To Be A Straight White Male’ Guy Has Nuked His Account

In a spectacular update, TikTok’s infamous main character from this past week, Flynn Martin (@Phlinmartin) has nuked his entire account. This is excellent news that will no doubt enable the continued progress of humankind.

As of Tuesday morning, if you attempt to visit his account you’ll be met with this absolute delight of a screenshot.

We love to see it.

So what’s the backstory, I hear you ask?

Well if you’ve been on TikTok at all over the past week, I’m sure you will have seen the mind-numbingly stupid video in question.

Now only viewable via other creators’ stitches, the dude went on a monologue of insanity about how straight white men can’t have anything. Excuse me sir, you have everything. Everything except a live TikTok account, clearly.

“I’m just taking the piss, sorry if you’re upset. Sincerely,” he began.

“I do have a genuine question and please answer this with respect because I’m asking with respect. Is it actually OK to be, like, a white straight male? Because I was born that way, there’s not much I can really do about it.

“Yeah, like, I hit the gym and I preach being a fucking legend. I speak like that just to take the piss but in reality I’m probably a nice guy if you actually met me.”

Crying your white tears and describing yourself as a “fucking legend” kinda contradicts your claim that you’re a nice guy, my dude.

I was thrilled to see that the video was absolutely reamed, with folks wondering if it’s satire given how moronic it is.

The absolute nail in the coffin came on Sunday when Will Gibb, who has 1.3 million followers on the platform, published a response video.

In a duet that has since clocked over 600,000 views, Gibb reacted as one of his signature macho-bro-boisy-boys characters for a takedown that was giving “Aussie Sacha Baron Cohen“.


#duet with @phlinmartin can’t believe this is real. #fyp #foryou

♬ original sound – user6306294076320

Pls enjoy some of my other favourite stitches below:


#stitch with @phlinmartin be better mate

♬ original sound – the_bushchook_bandit


#stitch with @phlinmartin #feminism #beers

♬ original sound – Brianne Worth


#stitch with @phlinmartin wah wah

♬ original sound – oaticelatte


#stitch with @phlinmartin this vidso has to be satire

♬ original sound – soph

#stitch with @phlinmartin go off king 👑

♬ original sound – Jade


#stitch with @phlinmartin

♬ original sound – Lachlan Crane

There are two key takeaways that I’m getting from this:

  1. Straight white men need to stop.
  2. If you act like a C U Next Tuesday on TikTok, people are going to stitch the fuck out of your video and it’s going to be equal parts brutal and embarrassing for you.