Peter Dutton Is A Kentucky Fried Fuckwit No Matter What He Looks Like

Meme about liberals being more outrage about Voldemort Peter Dutton jokes than actual racism and bigotry.

If there’s one thing this election has given me, it’s high blood pressure because of the continuous wave of rancid takes that have come out of virtue-signalling losers with selective political memory loss. Exhibit A: the outrage at Voldemort jokes about Peter Dutton.

In case you’ve had the pleasure of avoiding these ridiculous wannabe hot takes, certain cogs of the Liberal machine have put their 11 collective brain cells together and decided that calling Peter Dutton “Voldemort” is actually terrible and cruel and not befitting any member of this respectable society.

The bald-joke discourse has been brewing for some time, but it’s come to a head now that Dutton has revealed he has a form alopecia. He hasn’t specified what type, but alopecia often presents in men as male-pattern baldness.

This revelation has lead to a weird rise in Dutton supporters using the disabled community as a shield for criticism of Dutton. Clearly they have strategically forgotten the time he accused a Labor rival who lost her leg in a car crash of “using her disability as an excuse” when she didn’t move house for a seat.

There is something so sinister about claiming disabled outrage to defend a known ableist, but I digress.

The point is, if you are more outraged about Voldemort jokes than you are about the fucked up things Peter Dutton has done to earn them, you seriously need to re-evaluate your politics.

Need I remind everyone of the time Peter Dutton implied refugee women fake rape claims to get into this country? He then sued a refugee activist for calling him on it, and there’s plenty of other allegations against him of refugee torture.

On the topic of misogyny, Peter Dutton dismissed Brittany Higgin‘s rape as a “he said, she said” station. Oh, and he once sent then-National Political Editor of The Daily Telegraph Samantha Maiden a text calling her a “mad fucking witch”.

Also, have we all forgotten his claims of “African gangs” apparently terrorising Melbourne?

While we’re on the racism train I’ll also mention he said letting Muslim Lebanese people into Australia was a mistake. He also co-opted the Christchurch massacre — which saw an alt-right gunman murder 51 Muslims — to say that actually, we should remember the left is bad too.

Oh, and he boycotted the apology to the Stolen Generations. And then defended it.

What kind of scumbag doesn’t think this country should apologise for the genocide and forced removal of Aboriginal children? Like, where is the empathy… It really is giving Voldemort.

And if we’re really going to talk about fucked up jokes, it was Dutton one who thought it was hilarious to joke about rising sea levels drowning Pacific Islands.

Before everyone gets caught up in the disingenuous crusade that’s seeing left-wing people demonised for making fun of a racist fascist-presenting ex-cop, consider this: no matter what Dutton looks like, he’s still a cruel dickhead.

Remember that before you start demonising people for their (rightful) disgust toward him.