The Dark Lord Hath Officially Risen To Lead The Libs


Evil Emperor Peter Dutton is officially the new leader of the Liberal Party, replacing Scott Morrison after the federal election loss. Big sigh.

Former environment minister Sussan Ley is the new deputy leader.

We all knew it was coming after Morrison resigned but on Monday morning he was elected unopposed at a Liberal party room meeting.

Liberal MP Alan Tudge said last week the former defence minister would get the promotion.

“Peter Dutton will be leader. I think he will be incredibly effective, he has immense character and experience,” he said on Sky News.

“We have deep values within the Liberal Party and I think we need to go back to those values.”

Dutton put his hand up for the job immediately, which makes sense considering he’s been gunning for it in past Liberal leadership spills and was the frontrunner since Josh Frydenberg lost his seat of Kooyong, lol.

It seems the party, mid-identity crisis, is trying to reframe Dutton as a moderate and an all-round nice guy to try to recapture the centrist voters it lost to teal independents. Putting a woman as SIC is just more evidence to support this.

But he’s not. And we CANNOT forget all the fucked things he’s said and done during his time in office.

And as for Sussan Ley, she was the so-called environment minister will say to cameras fossil fuels cause climate change but then go and approve a shittonne new coal mines. She worked to block UNESCO’s move to list the Great Barrier Reef as “in danger”, went to court to prove she didn’t have a duty of care to young Australians when approving new fossil fuel projects, and basically thinks that wearing a dress made partly of recycled polyester (plastic) is saving the planet.

Buckle up, this is going to be frightful.