SPEECH: Morrison Concedes Election But Says He ‘Still Believes In Miracles’, Lol


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The big day is finally here and you’ve found our election day live blog. Here we’ll be following the Australian federal election results, the candidates and all the cookery closely so keep this tab open and follow along for everything you need to know about the 2022 federal election.

11:47pm: Anthony Albanese celebrates win

Albnese has used his victory speech to commit to implementing the Uluru Statement from the Heart, to “end the climate wars”, lift wages, promote “unity and optimism, not fear and division” and dreaming of a future “where we can plant our dreams”.

Read the full speech here.

11:45pm: Penny Wong introduces Anthony Albanese

Penny Wong is being the ultimate hype girl and got up to introduce Anthony Albanese.

Australians have chosen. Australians have chosen and they have chosen change. Australians have chosen and they have chosen hope. Australians have chosen and they have looked to the future. A better future for all. A government that will act on climate change. A government for women. A government that will look to unify. To bring people together. Not to divide. A Labor government. An Albanese Labor government. Australians chose hope. And the man who embodies that hope is my friend, our leader, Anthony Albanese. Please welcome to the stage, the man set to be the 31st prime minister of Australia.”

11pm: Scott Morrison resigns as party leader

Scott Morrison has confirmed he will resign as leader of the Liberal party after this loss, which he said has been a “great privilege”.

10:47pm: Scott Morrison concedes

This is it. It’s over.

Scott Morrison has called Anthony Albanese to concede the election and congratulate the new PM.

He has arrived at the hotel where the Liberals are holding their campaign party to publicly concede.

Here’s his speech:

Tonight, I have spoken to the leader of the opposition and the incoming Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese. And I’ve congratulated him on his election victory this evening.

“On a night like tonight it is proper to acknowledge the functioning of our democracy. I’ve always believed in Australians and their judgement and I’ve always been prepared to accept their verdicts and tonight they have delivered their verdict and I congratulate 

“Anthony Albanese and the Labor Party and I wish him and his government all the very best. Now there are many votes still to count, that is true. There are many pre-polls and postals that will still come in. But I believe it’s very important that this country has certainty. I think it’s very important this country can move forward. And particularly over the course of this week with the important meetings that are being held, I think it’s vitally important there’s a very clear understanding about the government of this country.

“This has been a time of great upheaval over these past few years. And it has imposed a heavy price on our country and on all Australians. And I think all Australians have felt that deeply. 

“And we’ve seen in our own politics a great deal of disruption as the people have voted today with major parties having one of the lowest primary votes we’ve ever seen. That says a lot I know about the upheaval that’s taking place in our nation. And I think it is important for our nation to heal and to move forward. 

“But at the same time, three years ago I stood before you, and I said I believed in miracles. I still believe in miracles. I still believe in miracles as I always have. And the biggest miracles as I said three years ago were standing beside me and here they are again tonight with  Jenny and my daughters. They are the greatest miracle in my life. 

There’s another great miracle I want to give thanks for tonight and that’s the miracle of the Australian people. What Australians have endured over these past few years has shown a tremendous depth of character and resilience and strength and each and every day I have had the great privilege to lead this nation over the last 3.5 years and the one thing I’ve always counted on has been the strength and resilience and character of the Australian people.”

He goes on to thank all his campaign managers, colleagues and party members. It’s boring.

He ends by saying he will step down as the leader of the Liberal party, and thanks his constituents.

“I thank you for your support today out there across southern Sydney and I look forward to continuing to serve you to the best of my capability.

“But tonight, it’s a night of disappointment for the Liberals and Nationals, but it’s also a time for Coalition and members and supporters all across the country to hold their highs head.

“We have been a strong government, we have been a good government, Australia is stronger as a result of our effort over these last three terms and I have no doubt under strong leadership of our coalition three years from now, I’m looking forward to the return of a coalition government.”

9:50pm: Labor hopeful it’ll form a majority government

Labor sources have said they are hopeful they’ll be able to form a majority government.

9:29pm: The ABC has called the election as a victory for Labor

This is fkn happening. It is now impossible for the Coalition to form government. Anthony Albanese is Australia’s 31st prime minister. Now we wait for more results to know if it will form a minority or a majority government.

9:20pm: Labor looking strong

The ABC’s Antony Green says: “At the moment I would say the Coalition can’t form government on the results we are seeing.

“That is not necessarily that Labor will form government. It is not clear that Labor will reach majority. It is clear the Coalition won’t reach majority and I’m not sure what they can cobble together to try to govern.

“I would say the Coalition Government has been defeated but at this stage it is not clear what sort of Labor government we will get.”

The ABC’s election computer has projected the Coalition government will be unable to form a majority government.

Here’s what we have so far.

Coalition: 54. ALP: 72. OTH: 11.

Adelaide, SA: Labor retained.

Aston, Vic: Liberals retained.

Ballarat, Vic: Labor retained.

Banks, NSW: Liberals retained.

Barker, SA: Liberals retained.

Barton, NSW: Labor retained.

Bass, Tas: Liberals retained.

Bendigo, Vic: Labor retained.

Bean, ACT: Labor retained.

Berowra, NSW: Liberals retained.

Blair, Qld: Labor retained.

Blaxland, NSW: Labor retained.

Bonner, Qld: Liberals retained.

Bowman, Qld: Liberals retained.

Bradfield, NSW: Liberals retained.

Brandon, Tas: Liberals retained.

Bruce, Vic: Labor retained.

Calare NSW: Nats retained.

Calwell, Vic: Labor retained.

Canberra, ACT: Labor retained.

Capricornia, Qld: Liberals retained.

Casey, Vic: Liberals retained.

Clark, Tas: Independent retained.

Chifley, NSW: Labor retained.

Chisholm, Vic: Labor GAIN.

Cook, NSW: Liberals retained.

Cooper, Vic: Labor retained.

Corangamite, Vic: Labor retained.

Corio, Vic: Labor retained.

Cowper, NSW: Nats retained.

Cunningham, NSW: Labor retained.

Dawson, Qld: Liberals retained.

Dobell, NSW: Labor retained.

Dunkley, Vic: Labor retained.

Eden-Monaro, NSW: Labor retained.

Fadden, Qld: Liberals retained.

Fairfax, Qld: Liberals retained.

Farrer, NSW: Liberals retained.

Fenner, ACT: Labor retained.

Fisher, Qld: Liberals retained.

Flinders, Vic. Labor retained.

Flynn, Qld: Liberals retained.

Forde, Qld: Liberals retained.

Franklin, Tas: Labor retained.

Fraser, Vic: Labor retained.

Gellibrand, Vic: Labor retained.

Gippsland, Vic: Nats retained.

Gorton, Vic: Labor retained.

Grayndler, NSW: Labor retained.

Greenway, NSW: Labor retained.

Groom, Qld: Liberals retained.

Hasluck, WA: Labor GAIN.

Hawke, Vic: Labor retained.

Herbert, Qld: Liberals retained.

Higgins, Vic: Labor GAIN.

Hindmarsh, SA: Labor retained.

Holt, Vic: Labor retained.

Hotham, Vic: Labor retained.

Hughes, NSW: Liberals retained.

Hume, NSW: Liberals retained.

Hunter, NSW: Labor retained.

Indi, Vic: Independent retained.

Isaacs, Vic: Labor retained.

Jagajaga, Vic: Labor retained.

Kennedy, Qld: KAP retained.

Kingsford Smith, NSW: Labor retained.

Kingston, SA: Labor retained.

Lalor, Vic: Labor retained.

La Trobe, Vic: Liberals retained.

Leichhart, Qld: Liberals retained.

Lilley, Qld: Labor retained.

Lindsay, NSW: Liberals retained.

Longman, Qld: Liberals retained.

Lyne, NSW: Nats retained.

Macarthur, NSW: Labor retained.

Mackeller, NSW: Independent GAIN.

Macquarie, NSW: Labor retained.

Mallee, Vic: Nats retained.

Maranoa, Qld: Liberals retained.

Maribyrnong, Vic: Labor retained.

Mayo, SA: CA retained.

McEwen, Vic: Labor retained.

McMahon, NSW: Labor retained.

McPherson, Qld: Liberals retained.

Melbourne, Vic: Greens retained.

Menzies, Vic: Liberals retained.

Mitchell, NSW: Liberals retained.

Monash, Vic: Liberals retained.

Moreton, Qld: Labor retained.

Moncrieff, Qld: Liberals retained.

Newcastle, NSW: Labor retained.

New England, NSW: Nats retained.

Oxley, Qld: Labor retained.

Page, NSW: Nats retained.

Parkes, NSW: Nats retained.

Parramatta, NSW: Labor retained.

Paterson, NSW: Labor retained.

Petrie, Qld: Liberals retained.

Rankin, Qld: Labor retained.

Reid, NSW: Labor GAIN.

Richmond, NSW: Labor retained.

Riverine, NSW: Nats retained.

Robertson, NSW: Labor GAIN.

Ryan, Qld: Greens GAIN.

Scullin, Vic: Labor retained.

Shortland, NSW: Labor retained.

Solomon, NT: Labor retained.

Spence, SA: Labor retained.

Swan, WA: Labor GAIN.

Sydney, Labor retained.

Tangney, WA: Liberals retained.

Wannon, NSW: Liberals retained.

Warringah, NSW: Independent retained.

Watson, NSW: Labor retained.

Werriwa, NSW: Labor retained.

Wills, Vic: Labor retained.

Whitlam, NSW: Labor retained.

Wide Bay, Qld: Liberals retained.

Wright, Qld: Liberals retained.

7pm: When will we know the result?

We’re one hour into counting and the ABC’s election daddy Antony Green has said “we’re not getting a clear picture” yet. This means we may not know the winner tonight. Green has said he reckons we’ll either know the result by 7:30pm, or by 7:30 we’ll know that we won’t find out the result tonight.

6:50pm: First seats called

The votes are starting to be counted and the ABC has called the first five seats — for the Coalition and one for an independent — after 2 per cent of all votes were counted.

6.00pm: The first polls have closed

Welp NSW, ACT, Victoria, Tasmania and Queensland — your polls are officially shut. Now the wait begins.

The polls in South Australia and the Northern Territory will close in thirty minutes while Western Aus still has a ‘yuge two hours to vote.

5.40pm: The silliest, saltiest snacks from Australia’s polling places

Democracy sausages are, in the words of the Black Eyed Peas, 200-and-late. Luckily the good folk of Australia have come out with some truly excellent punny political pastries.

For example, this impressive menu featuring the “Josh Frid’N’Burg” and “Albacheesy”. But the best thing on the menu? Surely “The Pauline” — a plain white roll.

This primary school had a real range of treats available, from the classic “Jacqui Lamingtons” to the slightly more laboured “I don’t hold a hose cupcakes”.

Finally there was this tribute to the ABC’s chief psephologist Antony Green. A psephologist is someone who studies elections and voting statistics as per the Cambridge dictionary. Knowledge is power!

1:30pm: Morrison and Albanese host final press conferences

After both leader cast their votes in their own electorates they addresses the media, giving one final speech and taking questions.

Albanese used the conference to talk about his love for Sydney’s inner-west, his drive for change and that he felt positive about the result.

“I believe we have the wind at our back, and I’m very positive about and hopeful about a good outcome,” he said.

He took questions on his assessment of the six-week campaign, on local issues for Grayndler, how he slept last night, whether he’s fantasied about Morrison calling him to concede the election and even on whether his dog would move into Kirribilli House if he won the election. It was all pretty weird and boring tbh but there were a few decent questions and poignant moments we’ve picked out for you.

Albanese said he’s keeping himself “grounded” today.

“When you come from where I’ve come from, one of the advantages you have is that you don’t get ahead of yourself. Everything in life is a bonus.”

“My message is I want to represent all Australians. I want to unite the country. There’s been a lot of division in recent times. It’s one of my criticisms of the current government is that Scott Morrison looks for division and difference rather than unity and common purpose.

“I want to bring people together and regardless of how people vote in our great democracy, it’s good that people express their views at the ballot box. Once it’s done, then we need to unite and move forward as a nation. I believe that we can.”

Albanese’s final pitch to voters:

“I know that I have given my best, I know I’ve left nothing on the field, I know I lead a team that will give Australia a government of which Australians will be proud.

“My big concern with this government is what is there to be proud of? You know, the sort of nonsense that we’ve seen of playing wedge politics against vulnerable people that Scott Morrison’s been prepared to do during this campaign and the other wedge politics throughout this. We’re a better country than that.

“I want to change politics. Be very clear, I want to change politics. I want to change the way it operates. I want parliament to function properly. I want democracy to function properly. That’s why I’m in this. I’m in it to change the country and that’s what I’m here to do.”

Ok Scooter, you’re up.

First up Morrison was asked about the alleged breaking news that Australia Border Force had intercepted an illegal vessel en route to Australia from Sri Lanka.

We don’t know if this even happened because the timing is just incredibly suss and the fact that the Liberal Party has used it to their absolute advantage, tweeting about it immediately AND sending out unsolicited texts about the news but linking to a “vote Liberal” website.

Morrison’s response?

“I’ve been here to stop this boat but in order for me to be there to stop those that may come from here, you need to vote Liberal and Nationals today.”


Next up Morrison was asked about his connection to his local area and how he think he’s fare this campaign, same as Albanese, but they also asked him about his legacy.

Reporter: “If you lose tonight, your critics will remember your prime ministership for your handling of Black Saturday, the handling of the start of the vaccine rollout, the handling of the Britney Higgins allegations, sports rorts, carpark rorts, Alan Tudge, Christian Porter. If you lose, how do you want your prime ministership to be remembered?”


Morrison: “That will be for others to determine. What I know is each and every day I have approached this job with a great sense of responsibility. On every day I’ve sought to do it with a great sense of humility out of respect for the Australian people who I serve and that’s the same spirit I continue to seek to do that job and I’ve put myself forward for again today.

“I’m the first prime minister in a long time that’s been able to go through a term and face the people on a second time and I’m seeking that support because I know this country is facing strong and difficult and challenging times and Australia needs someone who knows how to manage money, knows how to deal with national security interests, knows how to move forward and secure that strong economy because a strong economy means a stronger future. The alternative is a weaker economy. The alternative is, as Labor themselves have confirmed, higher debt and deficit that only puts upward pressure on interest rates and inflation.”

Typical fluff response. He left it there and walked off with his wife and kids.

12:55pm: Misleading election signs to be removed

The Federal Court has ruled that signs at polling stations telling voters to “put Labor last” to be removed. The signs appeared in the extremely marginal Melbourne seat of Higgins as well as McEwen and Hawke and we designed to look like Greens posters.

Labor sought an urgent injunction to have the material removed this morning and argued in court they were a “serious and deliberate breach of the provisions of the commonwealth electoral act”.

The Liberal Party has denied authorising the signs.

The court heard the material was authorised by a group named “Business Owners and Contractors Union” based in the Melbourne suburb of Dandenong.

12:55pm: Anthony Albanese votes

Labor leader Anthony Albanese is at Marrickville town Hall to cast his vote for his seat of Grayndler.

12:50pm: Scott Morrison votes

Prime minister Scott Morrison has cast his vote in his NSW seat of Cook at Lilli Pilli primary school

8am: The polls are open!

Democracy! Liberty! Meat tubes!

Pedestrian news reporters Aleks Bliszczyk, Sweeney Preston and Kathleen Farmilo will be here covering the election for you all live. Keep this tab open for all the cookery we’re barely coping with.