Mark McGowan Straight Up Called Peter Dutton Dumb On National TV & Consider This Potato Mashed

A picture of Peter Dutton gasping next to an image of Mark McGowan wearing dank meme sunglasses.

It’s looking more and more like decaying spud Peter Dutton is set to become the Liberal Party’s new leader but WA Premier Mark McGowan definitely does not think he’s up for the job.

Now look, I hardly believe Peter Dutton is anyone’s favourite person in the world. (Before you mention his mother, remember he has five younger siblings.) But this recent election has really brought his critics out of the woodwork.

Take, for instance, this video of Mark McGowan.

The WA Premier (who is from the Labor Party btw) was asked if he has any thoughts on Peter Dutton potentially becoming the leader of the Opposition in a press conference on Monday. Ugh, my spine just shivered at the very thought.

Turns out McGowan does have thoughts though, and all of them are scathing AF.

“He’s an extremist,” McGowan answered without hesitation.

“I don’t think he fits with modern Australia at all. And he doesn’t seem to listen. He’s extremely conservative.”

A wealthy, conservative white man in politics not being a good listener? Truly shocking news to my ears.

“I actually don’t think he’s that smart,” McGowan continued, clearly on a roll now.

“I’ve seen him present on things. I don’t really think there’s much there.”


This is like when you were in high school and hated that one person for ages and just kind of bided your time, waiting for someone to ask you about it so you could unleash. You can’t tell me McGowan hasn’t been dying to dish this goss.

The matter-of-fact tone also kills me. It’s giving Jennifer Coolidge from A Cinderella Story (2004).

Not Mark McGowan essentially saying there is not a thought behind Peter Dutton’s eyes!!! Consider this potato skinned, salted and roasted to a crisp.

The WA Premier then went on to say former PM Scott Morrison, in contrast, was kinda “clever”. Which I am choosing to interpret as “conniving”, “scheming” or “manipulative” rather than just, like, smart.

Oh, the Liberal Party. How good it feels to watch them deal with the consequences of their own actions.

You can watch Mark McGowan’s full roast of the Liberal party here.