Pauline Hanson Fucken Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah God Damn It Shut Up

Fuck’s sake. In terms of political layups, this should’ve been as easy as they get: Elected official gets publicly harassed by morons, colleagues from all parties call it out for being a shit act. But Pauline Hanson, as we all know, would blame a toilet for being shit in if given half the chance.

Following Labor senator Sam Dastyari‘s run-in with a convicted xenophobic coward who (not by himself mind you) accosted the politician in a pub while filming content that would be later put online seemingly to impress a tiny handful of other brain-deficient lunatics – objectively way too much effort to produce something to jack off over when there is porn everywhere – you might expect Hanson to suggest that that behaviour is a little bit much.

Instead, the One Nation leader has suggested that Dastyari – who did not film, upload, amplify, or promote the video in any way – is using the whole incident as cheap promo to sell copies of his book.

I repeat, exasperatedly: Fuck’s sake.

Hanson’s continued conduct as a publicly elected official on a taxpayer’s salary – the baffling rationalisation of overtly racist and xenophobic conduct, the fear-mongering, the woefully ill-informed abuse and wastage of senatorial privilege, and about all the actual political accomplishment of a wet sock – is utterly exhausting.

This is all not new ground, sadly. So instead of repeating ourselves ad nauseam, here’s a video compilation of robots falling over.

It’s of infinitely more actual value to Australian political discourse than Hanson will ever have, TBH.