One Nation senator Pauline Hanson has been handed the mother of all defeats in the Senate chamber this afternoon, after demanding a vote on an idea so bad it managed to unite quite literally everyone else against her.

Hanson had introduced a private members Bill to the senate floor, so aggrieved with Australia’s current level of immigration that she demanded the Australian public be allowed a vote on the matter.

The Bill, were it successful, would have put the issue of immigration to a plebiscite vote that would have taken place at the next election.

Hanson, you see, is absolutely furious that the Coalition Government has only reduced the cap on immigration per year down to 160,000 people. She believes it should be more like 80,000 – 100,000 at the most, and she believes that is squarely to blame for the housing affordability crisis, which is an impressive leap of mental logic even by her pissfully low standards.

The Bill was put to the senate floor earlier today, and Pauline Hanson ate shit.

That’s putting it lightly, too. The final vote count was 54-2 against the motion.

Fifty-four to two.

The only two people voting in favour of it were Hanson herself, and her Muttley-like lackey Malcolm Roberts.

Everyone else – literally every other person in the room – voted against it.

Cop this photo of Hanson and all her friend sitting on an otherwise completely empty side of the senate chamber like the groom’s side of a church wedding none of the family approves of.

Unreal scenes. Imagine sucking so hard at being a senator that the only other vote you can muster up for your crackpot bill is your doe-eyed Igor-ass of a partymate who looks like he once wiped his memory clean because he thought sticking your head in a microwave turned you into a genius.

You truly, truly hate to see it, folks.

Image: Getty Images / Michael Masters