Pauline Hanson Has Been Named Mother Of The Year & Who Judged This, Satan?

pauline hanson mother of the year

If Australia was a long-running television show then the only consistent villain we’d have is Pauline Hanson. As we know, villainous organisations love helping out villains, which would explain why Hanson has been declared 2022’s Mother of the Year. Shoot me!

The Mother of the Year award has historically been handed out by children’s charity Barnardo’s. Right before the pandemic, the organisation called it quits on the award, saying that it wanted to celebrate all kinds of families.

“Barnardo’s works with children who live with a variety of families – among the families we support are sole parents, same-sex couples, families with both a mother and a father figure, relatives caring for the children of family members, and children who are cared for by their grandparents,” Barnardo’s wrote in a statement.

“We strongly believe in celebrating all families and will be looking to develop a campaign in the future that does this.”

Good shit, right?

Well, the pandemic halted these plans for a new campaign, which led Christian organisation Family Voice to step up to the plate. Really anyone can release a Mother of the Year award, I do not see why this shit is so special, but alas.

That’s how we’ve ended up here, with Pauline Hanson as our mother of the year. In case you didn’t know, Pauline is the mother of four children and one stepdaughter.

Last year Family Voice gave the award to Leila Abdullah, whose three children were killed by a drunk driver. Truthfully the only good thing they’ve done with the award.

The fact that this Christian org has taken over this award and given it to (alleged) racist rat queen Hanson is irksome enough, but the attitude of its NSW director is even worse.

“Barnardo’s has unfortunately fallen victim to the woke and cancel culture ideology being forced upon corporate Australia. Can I just repeat the well-known tag line: ‘Go Woke Go Broke’,” NSW Director of Family Voice Greg Bondar told the Daily Telegraph.

“When we reviewed the nominations, the panel wanted to identify mothers who supported women and how mothers can make a positive impact at home, work, community, church and in the family.”

Yuck. Shut the fuck up. Of course you spoke to the Daily Telegraph, they’re the only publication that’d listen to your vile shit.

Never did I think I’d see the day when a charity hated on another charity for being “woke”. Kinda feels against the whole ethos of being charitable, don’t you think?

Hanson also made a couple of comments about how she was surprised to receive the award and didn’t even know about it, but she gets enough air time as it is, so fuck it.