Pauline Hanson’s Political Cartoon Has Been Pulled Bc It Depicted Electoral Fraud

AEC Pauline Hanson political cartoon

Pauline Hanson‘s latest episode of her South Park meets political cartoon Please Explain has been pulled from certain social media platforms after it depicted key members of the Federal Labor Party considering electoral fraud.

The video depicted Senator Penny Wong and Labor Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese discussing submitting a pile of fake postal votes to win the Federal Election.

The caricature of Wong claimed in the cartoon they stole some of the postal votes from people’s mailboxes. The cartoon of her then claimed the party could submit them under the names of dead people and fake identities.

A pretty fkn wild accusation to make in the lead up to a Federal Election.

The video also claimed that postal votes weren’t thoroughly regulated. Hanson’s depiction of Wong said they don’t do this because checking someone’s ID would be “racist”. Another unfunny “joke” about the “woke” left from a woman who tried to climb Uluru.

The Australian Electoral Commision (AEC) saw the post on Facebook, TikTok, Reddit, Twitter and YouTube and stepped in. It reported the video to each social media organisation where it was then removed or restricted from the respective platforms. The AEC also listed the content on its disinformation register.

AEC spokesperson Evan Ekin-Smyth told PEDESTRIAN.TV the Commission doesn’t operate to regulate truth in campaigning or political communication. But it draws the line on things that question the electoral process.

“Freedom of speech is important and we don’t regulate truth in campaigning or political communication,” he said.

“However, we’re concerned with any communication, regardless of the source, that doesn’t accurately reflect electoral processes or integrity measures we implement.”

“There is no evidence that the level of apparent multiple voting in Australia has ever been sufficient to overturn the margin in any one contest. If it was to occur the result could be referred to the court of disputed returns.

“We regularly receive data from births, deaths and marriages to take deceased Australians off the roll. We also validate postal vote applications against the roll prior to distribution and again upon receipt of a completed postal vote.”

Pauline Hanson, log off challenge part 4523.