Pauline Hanson’s Checking To See If She’s A Dual Citizen & We Want Popcorn

Oh boy. Oh… oh boy. Take this with as many grains of salt as you need, but Pauline Hanson – our extremely ~beloved~ leader of the One Nation party – will now reportedly seek advice from the British Home Office as to whether or not she kinda, maybe, sorta also has some issues with the on-going dual citizenship political saga.

Hanson, who a few days ago vocally called for the resignation of Malcolm Turnbull over his handling of the citizenship fiasco, is now facing rising speculation that she could, by familial descent, also possess the kind of British citizenship that would’ve ruled her ineligible to stand for Parliament at the time of her election.

Hanson’s parents were both born in Australia, but the question marks come from the fact that one set of her grandparents were born and raised in England.

The speculation surrounding Hanson’s status is mounting in response to a raft of politicians, including fellow One Nation senator Malcolm Roberts, being turfed from parliament after the High Court ruled on the interpretation of Section 44 of the Constitution.

Speaking in Gladstone yesterday, Hanson denied she possesses dual citizenship, barking “I can assure everyone I am not eligible for British citizenship.

When asked if she was going to seek clarification from the British Home Office about her status, Hanson’s response was extremely terse:

Honey, you know what, I’ll leave it up to you to do it on my ­behalf. I have nothing to answer to, I clear section 44 of the Australian Constitution. I know what the laws are in England. I’m quite happy to present my paperwork of what’s required.

In a 2010 interview with Woman’s Day, Hanson asserted that she would be permanently relocating to England where she would be able to attain full dual citizenship. Unrelated info, probably.

A party spokesperson for One Nation has since asserted that Hanson will indeed seek out clarification on her citizenship status from the British Home Office.

Meanwhile, we sit and wait.