Like A Racyst Full Of Pus, Pauline Hanson Has Already Stormed Out Of Senate Racistly

pauline hanson racism stormed out senate

The Grand High Witch herself, Pauline Hanson, has emerged from the dark and racist shadows in which she lives to make it known to all that she’s still a wicked villain of unnatural design. Has someone tried pouring water on her just to see if she’ll melt? Clove of garlic, perhaps?

Human equivalent to the end pieces of a loaf of bread, Pauline ‘Who Asked’ Hanson, walked out of Senate on the second day of the 47th Parliament.

President Sue Lines began the day by acknowledging the original custodians of the land on which they gathered, the Ngunnawal and Ngambri peoples.

Like clockwork — if the clock was made in a racist lab, had racist hands and all the numbers were somehow also racist — festering petri dish Hanson decided to up and leave, shouting “no, I won’t and never will” as she departed.

She later gave quotes to AAP, which we will now summarise without any drastic shifts or embellishments.

“Blah blah racist shit! What about me? What about Pauline Hanson?” she (pretty much) said.

“When equality isn’t specifically about me or soggy saltines who look just like me, I get mad. I crave attention. Blah blah racism.”

She also complained about acknowledgement to country being on flights and how it’s dividing the nation. Sure, we have to cover the fucked up actions of this rotten tomato, but there is no way in hell we will be giving her comments more airtime.

Oh, and by the way, Miss “I won’t and never will” the rancid radish sat through 2019’s acknowledgement of country without leaving the room or saying a word.

So much for being impossibly offended by it and standing up against “division” in the nation. I’m surprised Hanson is trying to stand up for anything in this country, to be honest, she’s about as effective as a white crayon and as fragile as one too.

Here are the receipts, if you’d like to laugh at Hanson. Who am I kidding, I know you’d LOVE to.

Racism Parliament is back in session and it’s already giving more exposure to the gingivitis hivemind. Fucking hell, here we go again.