Pauline Hanson Is Being Controversial Again, Claims She Is Indigenous

This week in questionable and or plain stupid things One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has said, Pauline has unsurprisingly shat on the Commonwealth Games’ opening ceremony for apparently being too Indigenous-Australians-orientated but wait for it, then she claimed she is “Indigenous” because she too was born in Australia


Pauline had a chat over the phone with Sky News about her thoughts on the Opening Ceremony and of course, she wasn’t frothin’ it.

I’ve got nothing against the Aboriginal people but I’m sick and tired of being made to feel that I’m a second-class citizen in my own country, that I am Indigenous as far as I’m concerned I was born here, this is my country as much as anyone else.” 

I repeat, second-class citizen. This from a woman who has targeted almost every minority group in her beloved country.

It appears the beach scene with a singing Ricki Lee Coulter and a bunch of Aussies dancing and getting changed on the beach in front of thousands or Delta Goodrem, or the army of lifeguards parading about wasn’t enough to satisfy Pauline’s thirst for Australian culture. Bummer.

You can watch that snippet below.

Senator Hanson said the “20 minute” section telling the story of Indigenous culture was “absolutely disgusting” before saying she didn’t enjoy hip-hop artist, Mau Power’s rap because she couldn’t understand it and hadn’t seen an Aboriginal rapper before but “fair enough.” 

Fucking hell.

Then, Pauline was totally lowkey pro-migrants (probably just the white ones) when she said the below.

“…in the history of what we are, where was that part of it?… Our country’s not based on the Aboriginals, our country’s based on what it is because of the migrants that have come here.” 

Although I suppose our history of mass slaughter and racism ain’t too marketable in an opening ceremony.

Pauline also went on her usual spiel of Aboriginal people being treated better than the average Australian and then did a full 360 degrees as she went back to denying she wasn’t a racist, just a concerned Australian and everyone totally believed her.

Queensland’s Deputy Premier Jackie Trad had this to say,