Pauline Hanson Reckons She… Actually Y’know What? Here’s Some Funny Vines

I’m gonna level with you here, folks: I was supposed to write about Pauline Hanson and her appearance on 2GB in which she claimed that while flying from Rockhampton to Townsville today, “they actually put across that we must acknowledge the Aboriginals as the traditional land owners of this land and it is basically Welcome to Country,” and that she was “gobsmacked, absolutely gobsmacked” about it. Or how she believes the issue of Indigenous constitutional recognition is actually “causing divisions” and that she doesn’t care “if you are Indigenous or if you were born here or if you are actually a migrant,” because “we are not 200 years in the past, we are now in the future, we are in the future generation.”

That’s what I was supposed to write about. But I just… can’t. I just cannot do it. I’m so tired. I’m not doing it. It’s a waste of my time and effort, and it’s a waste of yours to read it and get all het up about it. It’s Friday. It’s the good day. There’s no bad vibes here. It’s a posi vibes day only.

So instead, here’s a bunch of funny Vines from the dearly departed platform. The real good shit.

Happy weekend, mates.

That’s much better.