Hope You Like Water-Based Lube ‘Cos NSW Is About To Get Pounded By A Dripping Wet Super Storm

nsw storm weather forecast

Watch out NSW, a severe thunderstorm warning has been issued for most of the state and it looks like we’re in for an absolute pounding.

If you are in Sydney right now, you’ve probably noticed the deeply ominous looking storm clouds and banshee-esque winds circling ahead this warm morning, like vultures ready to swoop in on their desert prey. That’s a potentially severe thunderstorm my friends, and you should definitely stay TF inside.

According to the Binches of Meteorology, a trough and cold front are moving east from central NSW towards the coast. Because of this, it’s possible we’ll get some pretty wild storms in the east, with damaging winds, and heat rain in the south.

Oh, and the north will probably be pelted with big globs of hail. Love that.

Northern NSW and Queensland are facing the biggest risks from the storm, but meteorologist Rob Sharpe said storms will be “fast-moving” and will likely rush out towards the coastline. So, Sydney girlies, you are not in the clear.

A weather warning for damaging winds peaking at 125km/h was issued early Monday morning for alpine areas, and winds of around 100km/h could hit areas like Nowra, Mudgee, Bathurst, Katoomba, Goulburn and Cooma.

Considering I just got up to open the door because I mistook the wind for knocking, it’s safe to say it’s pretty windy out there.

The SES reckons that if you’re in the firing line of this potential supercell, you should:

  • Move your car away from trees and preferably under cover.
  • Secure or tuck away loose items around your house, yard and balcony. I second this as last time, my pot plant flew away and sprayed soil all over my balcony in the process.
  • Keep at least eight metres away from fallen power lines or objects that may be energised, such as fences.
  • Unplug computers and appliances. (I know you’re all thinking “no way” but it’s the offical advise).
  • Avoid using the phone during the storm. (Yes, I know you’re still thinking “no way”.)
  • Stay indoors and away from windows, Make sure any bebes, of both the human and fur kind, are inside and safe too.
  • Keep an eye on the weather around you and be ready for chaos.

If you see any fallen power lines, you can report them either Ausgrid (131 388), Endeavour Energy (131 003), Essential Energy (132 080) or Evoenergy (131 093) as shown on your power bill.

Stay home and stay safe, folks. Now is the perfect time for a hot choccie and a dream pop playlist.