We Had Mice And A Plague, But Now A Triple Threat Thunderstorm Is Heading To Eastern Australia

triple threat thunderstorm severe weather warning australia

Girls, gays and theys, brace yourself for some wild, wild weather. It might be looking a little dark in the sky at the moment, but there’s a reason for that. The east coast of Australia is going to be fucked the fuck up with a ‘triple threat’ severe weather storm. Fun!

We’ve had a neverending plague and insatiable swarms of mice, so I guess naturally it was time for violent hail and dangerous weather conditions, right? It was either that or locusts.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology, and the fkn dark sky above us, a ‘supercell’ thunderstorm is going to be lashing the east coast of Australia from Wednesday, and will last until the weekend.

Supercell thunderstorms are rare storms that bring dangerous conditions with them, including the ‘triple threat’ of giant hail, destructive winds and massive downpours. There’s also going to be severe thunder, so I guess it’s more of a quadruple threat.

Northern NSW and southern Queensland are said to be the most affected by the storms. Severe weather warnings have been made for these areas, plus the Otway Coast in Victoria, where it is warned that there may be possible flash floods on top of all the other fun stuff, as a treat.

Meanwhile, an estimated 50mm of rain is forecast to sprinkle down on Tasmania, Victoria, NSW, ACT, and Queensland, with the rare chance of 70mm, if mother nature deems us misbehaved enough.

“We need communities to be ready for the very real possibility of a repeat of recent flooding events, or potentially worse,” said Police and Emergency Services Minister David Elliott in a post on the State Emergency Services (SES) website.

“It is also critical that people heed the warnings and advice of NSW SES, especially when it comes to floodwaters – never attempt to drive, walk or ride through it.”

Stay safe out there folks, and be extra careful when planning to make any long drives. I have no idea where (most of) you’ll be driving in lockdown, but still.

If you need me I’m going to be in my little bunker, just like Aunty Em from The Wizard of Oz. And by bunker, I mean my weighted blanket.

You can check the Bureau of Meteorology website or app for constant updates and weather warnings as the situation unfolds.