Seldom does viral fame translate into true money making power, so it’s absolutely smart to grab as much dosh as you can while the iron is very temporarily hot. To that end, we have nothing but the utmost respect for the man referred to simply as Moey Not Bhed who has apparently now parlayed his minor Instagram infamy into what we all very much hope is a well-paying YouTube ad.

If you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, the “Not Bhed, Good Syze” phrase leapt into the Australian internet vernacular in May thanks to a choice Instagram post from Brown Cardigan, whose feed should be enshrined in the National Archives as a culturally significant collection.

It’s been three bloody months but do you think I’ve been able to stop saying “not bhed”? I woke myself up in the middle of the night after saying it in my sleep once. My girlfriend hates me now. But I still can’t stop. Everything is not bhed now. The footy score? Not bhed. A big sandwich at lunch? Also not bhed. Two dogs having a nice time in the park together? You bet your ass that’s not bhed too.

Old mate whose voice literally haunts my dreams has now stepped in front of the camera thanks to a short ad for peer-to-peer storage startup Spacenow, who quite smartly made him repeat his famous catch phrase a whole bunch of times in this honestly not bad (sigh, bhed) ad.

Who knows how much he got paid for it, but we can only hope it was at least a thousand or so. Frankly he’s earned every bloody dollar coming his way.

Whatever cheque he got for it you’d hope it was a… good syze.

Christ, I can’t stop. I cannot stop.