There is no purer sporting joy than that of the humble falcon; the giddy glee that comes with watching a ball hone in on a some unsuspecting dumbass’s scone is truly unparalleled. And in that rich, bountiful genre we are pleased to bring you a true contender for 2019’s greatest hit.

Courtesy of the majesty that is Brown Cardigan comes this absolute corker, which appears to have gone down in the middle of an otherwise ordinary piece of fan interaction during a recent Newcastle Knights home game.

Video of the blessed event shows a full-size ball being funnelled into a launcher, which is then cannoned high into the air where it hangs weightless for a brief, beautiful moment, before it dips earthward and scones old mate right in his stupid face.

Mag-fucken-nificent. Spectacular stuff. A true marvel.

As luck would have it, that wasn’t the only angle of the event captured on the night, with a far-closer shot showing just how violently his bonce recoils after being absolutely domed, as well as how universal the crowd’s reaction was.

How’s the sound of it? THA-WHACK. Mighty. Might and powerful.

It’s unclear just when the glorious falcon went down – minutes of deep journalistic research turned up the rough speculation that it might’ve happened at the Knights’ last home game against Wests on July 26th – but the when of it all is frankly irrelevant.

A falcon that good? That pure? That straight-into-the-goddamn-face? A falcon like that is timeless.

You hate/love to see it. You really do.