Nude Model Says Her Horny Fundraiser Has Raised $720K For Aussie Bushfire Relief

A US model estimates she has raised over US $500,000 (AU$720,000) for Australian bushfire relief, following her decision to send nude piccies to any horndog who could prove they donated to a relevant organisation.

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Taking to Twitter this morning, Kaylen Ward said it’s more than likely her provocative campaign had raised more than half a million US dollars for regions devastated by the blazes.

The announcement comes after a couple of hectic days for the Los Angeles-based gun.

On Sunday, Ward, who goes by @lilearthangelk on Twitter, told her followers she would send them a lewd pic in exchange for proof they had donated more than US$10 (AU$14) to one of more than a dozen local charities and relief organisations.

The move was immensely well-received. Ward said she received over US$100,000 (AU$144,000) within a matter of hours, and a video of her phone screen shows countless DMs offering donation receipts in exchange for the spicy imagery.

Ward said she has hired a team of fellow sex workers to sift through her DMs to assess each and every receipt, lest some dirtbag try to win a free nude. While the total figure is yet to be assessed, Ward believes donations are sailing towards a million bucks.

The campaign hasn’t been the easiest on her personal life, though. In a tweet, Ward said her family had cut communication with her after learning about the fundraiser, and that some fella decided to step away from the whole deal.

Just quietly, “But fuck it, save the koalas” is a philosophy we could all learn from. We’ll keep you posted on how this one pans out.