When Spell and the Gypsy Collective announced last week that they’d be releasing a limited edition collection of re-cut cult pieces for bushfire relief, I don’t even think THEY realised how intensely people were going to jump on board.

The bohemian Byron Bay brand made the decision to send all profits to various charities and businesses assisting with the bushfire crisis, namely the NSW RFS and WIRES. The collection, which featured seven much-loved past styles, went on pre-sale for a few days.

Now, the brand has announced that they didn’t just make bank for bushfire relief, they made like, BANK. $967,833 dollars worth of bank, to be specific. Yep, almost a million bucks.

Because they had such incredible success with their fundraising efforts, they decided to expand on donations, including VIC CFA, SA CFS, St Vincent De Paul and Wildlife VIC. This is great news – the fires have devastated not just NSW, but so much of the country.

The brand has really been walking the walk of late – off the bat they donated $20k, have been using their stock bags repurposed as pouches for injured wildlife, and opening their doors as a drop off location for donation drives.

The response from brands to the bushfire relief has been fantastic – yes, for some maybe it’s a branding exercise. But many of these companies are based in areas affected directly by the fires. Spell, for example, has it’s home on the North Coast, which was devastated by fire late last year.

Good on them, and good on all of us (yes, me included bc I can’t stop shopping) for throwing our money at excellent threads that also generate cash for a very, very important cause.