The $51M Celeste Barber Raised Can’t Be Divvied Up By Charity Or State, Supreme Court Rules

The Supreme court has just ruled that the $51.3 million raised by Aussie comedian Celeste Barber for bushfire relief can’t be shared with other states or with people who’ve lost their homes to the fires.

However, the money can be used to support support injured firies and the families of firefighters who lost their lives.

“Some donors may have intended or hoped that the money they donated would be used for purposes beyond those which the court has advised are permissible,” Justice Michael Slattery said.

“Despite the trustees’ wish to honour those intentions or hopes the law provides principles than ensure a degree of certainty in the application of trust funds including charitable trust funds.”

Back in January, Barber started a Facebook fundraiser to raise money for the shocker of a bushfire season Australia had experienced.

The campaign went viral and raised over $51.3 million, but because it listed the NSW Rural Fire Service and Brigades Donation Fund as the recipient, there was some confusion as to whether the money could be spread around the country and given to families who had lost everything.

Since January, the cash had been held up by the legal system, with both Barber and the Fire Service hoping that the cash could be shared around.

More to come.