The PM Is Reportedly Going To (Kinda) Backflip On Free Rapid Tests Bc This Is An Actual Circus

Scott Morrison with clown emojis, as he changes his mind on free rapid tests

Prime Minister Scott Morrison, chief clown at the circus we call a government, is expected to perform a sensational backflip on subsidising free rapid antigen tests (RATs) as NSW’s COVID cases soar to over 35,000.

Just two days ago, Morrison ruled out making rapid tests free — which itself was a doubling down on his previous assertions.

The PM has been maintaining a staunch approach to making sure we all have to sell our organs to acquire one (1) rapid test, refusing to subsidise them or distribute them for free because that would hurt the poor bwaby businesses exploiting our desperation during an out-of-control global pandemic.

Except, apparently he’s changed his mind again — one of countless backflips this government has performed in recent weeks.

According to, it’s understood that Scott Morrison is going to propose some kind of compensation for low income earners regarding rapid tests at the upcoming national cabinet meeting.

Premiers and chief ministers will meet with the PM at 2pm today, less than a week after the last national cabinet meeting.

They’ll be discussing the vaccine rollout, testing clinics (or lack thereof) and the capacity of our health system, which is so fucked that nurses are now working in hospitals while COVID positive to meet staff demands.

Morrison will reportedly be bringing up some kind of cash support for concessional and low income earners who need rapid tests in the cabinet meeting. Specifically, has reported it’ll likely take the form of cash payments to cover five rapid antigen tests.

NCA NewsWire also understands the government will discuss offering additional free rapid tests to state-run testing clinics to be distributed to close contacts who are symptomatic.

While this is a move in the right direction, I really hope there’s more to it than that.

The official advice from the Australian Medical Association is that you should do a rapid test before you’re entering high risk settings like large group gatherings or visiting places where vulnerable people reside (hospitals, aged care facilities, your nan’s house). Every time, as a precautionary measure.

If you’re in NSW like me, which recorded over 35,000 cases today, everywhere feels like a high risk setting. Meaning it’s pretty easy to use up a rapid test every three days, and be done with five tests in a little over two weeks. I’m sure Victorians feel the same, as the state reported a record 17,600 cases today.

Really, it should be PCR tests that are essential to close contacts and those with symptoms, and free rapid tests should be available for those who need peace of mind before socialising or want to ensure they aren’t spreading the virus. But obviously, our government has left us ill-equipped for that.

My concern is that inequality of access to rapid tests will create two classes — those who can afford to go out and see family and friends, or work even, because they can afford to stock up on rapid tests every two weeks, and those who can’t. Even with five compensated rapid tests, that’ll only stretch so far.

Considering Labor Opposition leader Anthony Albanese has finally grown a spine and supported free rapid tests, the pressure against Morrison will hopefully push him to actually do something.