Just A Week After Restoring QR Code Check-Ins, NSW Deputy Premier Says They’re On The Way Out

nsw QR code check ins, deputy premier Paul Toole

It looks like NSW will be scrapping QR code check-ins AGAIN as the government continually fails to get its shit together regarding this pandemic.

Despite surging infections, with NSW beating records again and doubling its daily case numbers to over 20,000 today, our deputy premier reckons the state will scrap mandatory QR code check-ins at venues again — only one week after they were reintroduced.

Interestingly, the government also backtracked on its new rule regarding COVID isolation today, less than 24 hours its implementation. Positive COVID cases no longer need to get a negative rapid test result to leave isolation after day six.

Deputy Premier Paul Toole appeared on Sunrise this morning saying that while QR code check-ins “played an important part in this Covid pandemic”, that they’re no longer necessary.

“We’re moving to the next phase,” he said, as if this entire shit show is all according to plan.

“What we’ve actually seen is the people of NSW have come forward, they’ve got double-vaxxed and that was the best way of protecting themselves and their community.”

“We’ve all done the hard yards. That’s why we no longer need those settings around QR codes. If someone’s just had a fleeting contact with someone else in a retail store or (at) a hospitality event, they have to go and get tested. That’s why the changes that have been made are so important and critical in delivering that,” he said.

“We’re heading into the next phase. We actually have to learn to live with the virus. In NSW, again, keeping people safe is our number one priority, but moving away from QR codes is something we will start to phase out.”

We were living with COVID, when cases were in the 100-200 a day range and taking safety measures around COVID like wearing masks and social distancing. This? This isn’t living with the virus.

A system where immune-compromised and disabled people are excluded from society is not back to ‘normal’.