The Government Is Now Making RATs Free, But Only For Some Aussies, After Copping Loads Of Shit

Some Aussies will be allowed to collect 10 free rapid antigen tests every three months under a new government plan, announced by Prime Minister Scott Morrison Wednesday afternoon. political editor Sam Maiden tweeted the news the announcement was imminent, and Scooter later clarified that it would only be for concession card holders.

She said the backflip was brought by pressure from Queensland.

In his presser, Morrison said the agreed model would “provide concessional access for tests over a three month period”.

They’ll be available through pharmacies, and people will be able to access a max of ten tests over three months.

Fucking finally. But would it kill you to make them universally available, you fucks?

According to Morrison, there are more than six million Aussies who’ll be able to access the concessional tests.

“The concessional free tests are being provided to the following groups: those who have a Commonwealth seniors health card, a healthcare card, a low income card, a pension concession card, DVA Gold  card or a DVA white card,” he said.

“They will be able to get up to 10 tests over a course of three months, no more than five per month, and they should only be getting those tests if they are not symptomatic and they are not close contacts.

“If you are symptomatic or a close contact, you can go to the testing centre as many times as you need to. All of those tests are free.”

The 10 per-person limit would be enforced the same way limits on Sudafed, a drug than can be used to make meth, are enforced.

The Federal Government will also be cracking down on price gouging, and will make it illegal to sell RATs for more than 20 per cent more than what shops paid to get a hold of them.

Morrison said that gouging laws would be enforced through the Biosecurity Act.

“If you are selling a rapid antigen test for more than 120 per cent so a 20 per cent markup on what you have paid for it to supply it, then you will be in breach of that regulation.”

Anyone found guilty will cop a $66,000 fine and could face up to five years in jail. The government is also introducing anti-hoarding provisions for the retail sector, so you can only buy one box of either two or five tests at a time.

“That will be administered and monitored by the retail industry themselves and many of them are already doing that right now. That includes the supermarkets where they already have those rules in place.”

We’ve previously reported on how shit it is the government has refused to make the scarce testing kits free.

More to come.