A post in a Norwegian anti-immigration Facebook group ‘Fedrelandet viktigst’ (which translates to ‘Fatherland First) last week has ah, confused some folk who are real het-up on Muslim women wearing burqas in Europe.

The image kinda looks like a group of women sitting on the bus wearing Islamic dress, like if you kinda glance at it, or squint a little.

But then your mind assembles the what your eyes are taking in and, yep, that’s just a row of bus seats hey.


Over 100 people commented on the post in the group – and majority of folks hit dat MF Angry React button. Let me tell you, after running the comments though a translator, there’s some real Norwegian pearlers.

“It looks really scary, should be forbidden. You can never know who is underneath. May be terrorists with weapons,” one user wrote, because I guess you never know who could be hiding in the lining of a bus seat.

Others called them “sitting rubbish bags“, “diseased” and “frightening” which I understand, because I’d be a bit spooked of bus seats too if I don’t know how long it’s been since someone sat on one. It’s always a bit unnerving to sit down on a warm seat.

The greatest response on Sindre Beyer‘s viral post of the image and following comments comes from Yousef Bartho Al-Nahi who asked, “New ad for Specsavers?


Image: Facebook / Johan Slåttavik