UGGGGH. Okay, so you know how Godwin’s Law states that the longer an online discussion goes on, the probability of someone mentioning Nazis and / or Hitler goes up?

We need one for terrorist attacks and incidences of Islamophobia, because although it’s a shitty thing many Muslims deal with on the daily, there’s a special spike after every terror attack that gains widespread media attention, e.g. the one in Brussels this week that claimed the lives of 31 people.

Over in the UK, a legit scumbag went up to a random Muslim woman on the street and “asked her to explain Brussels”. Thinking himself a Top Bloke who knows The Truth About Islam, he bragged about it on Twitter.

Yeah, nah. That one backfired like batshit and he had to delete his account. Surprise!

A little closer to home, and the same total BS is happening in Australia. Earlier today Sydney woman Mini Elali was approached by a random dude at Lidcombe train station and asked: “How are the terrorists?”

“I was shocked and replied, ‘What?’” Mini told PEDESTRIAN.TV. “And he repeated it and I said, ‘How would I know?'”

“Then he stood right next to me, just glaring at me. I took my phone from my bag and took a photo, hoping he wouldn’t notice.”

Mini says the bloke was just standing there and “muttering under his breath, he was staring at me, he had a very angry look on his face. I took the photo and got away from him. I walked down the other end of the platform.”

The good thing is that a schoolgirl who overheard the whole incident ran down the platform to apologise on this toerag’s behalf; the bad thing is that it happened in the first place, and isn’t exactly uncommon – just read through these incidences of harassment Mini tweeted out shortly after.

We asked Mini why she thought it was always Muslim women, rather than men, who are made to feel unsafe on the street thanks to their religion and a minuscule number of violent extremists.

“We are obvious in the community, unfortunately we stand out,” she said.

“I personally have not heard of a Muslim man being harassed, I think it shows the inherent nature of these bigoted men; they are sexist and bigoted and purposely target women.

“It’s ironic to me that people complain about how Muslim women are oppressed by Muslim men, but these same people only harass Muslim women.”

She reported the incident to police, but they reckon nothing much will come out of it.

“This man hasn’t committed an offence,” a police officer told her. “It is perhaps borderline bullying.”

The cop, himself a Lebanese Muslim, took her statement anyway.

“To be honest, I don’t expect much to happen. I just want it on file because I’m sick of this happening.”

Photo: Mini Elali / Getty.