Racist Assholes Terrorise A Bunch Of Kids On A School Bus In Bondi

Apologies in advance for the sick feeling in the stomach you’re all about to get. A group of eight so-called “men” have jumped aboard a school bus carrying 30 children – some as young as 5 years old – and terrorised them with a barrage of racist attacks, including both verbal abuse and threats of physical violence.

Police stated that the alleged offenders/confirmed dickheads boarded the bus at around 3:50pm yesterday as it travelled down Darley Road in Randwick, heading towards Bondi Junction. The bus was carrying students from three Jewish schools in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs – Mount Sinai College, Emanuel School and Moriah College.
A parent of one of the students told police that the offenders were all intoxicated at the time, and yelled a litany of racist and anti-semitic insults such as “kill the Jews,” “free Palestine,” and “Heil Hitler.” The men also threatened to slit the throats of the children and kill them if they told police.
Reports indicate that the group had previously attempted to board another bus carrying children from the same schools prior to this incident. The bus itself was a State Transit Authority vehicle that had been privately contracted for the school run. Why the bus stopped to let a roaming pack of drunken fuckwits on is, at this stage, unknown. One mother claims that when she eventually caught up to the bus the driver refused to give his name and details.
Police arrested five of the offenders – all aged between 15 and 17 – late last night, but released them into the custody of their parents; unable to interview at that moment due to their intoxication.
The remaining complete human scum have yet to be tracked down.
Photo: John Leyba via Getty Images.