WATCH: Total Fuckhead Screams Foul Racist Tirade To Asian Family On SA Bus

Over the weekend, yet another horrendous racist tirade has been captured on film on a public bus, this time in Adelaide
On Saturday, a woman started berating an Asian mother and her child on an Adelaide Metro bus on its way to Mitcham.
She screams at the family, 
“Excuse me, Chinese fucking people, you fucking talk about disrespectful!

Excuse me they’re not fucking people, they’re not fucking Australian!

Wake up man. Close your fucking eyes ay.

Literally they’re fucking invading our country, can’t you see it fucking Chinese people fucking everywhere!”
The tirade reportedly began because the abusive woman believed the child did not have a ticket for the bus, so she then began yelling at the mother.

“Oi, are you fucking Australian. She didn’t fucking pay for her ticket, did she dick face?

They’re not fucking people, they’re not fucking Australian, and she didn’t pay for her fucking ticket!”
Passengers Jenny and Clive Starr stepped in soon after the tirade began, trying to block the family from the angry woman, telling her “that’s enough” and that she was “a disgrace”. 
The woman then turned on them:

“You’re a disgrace… You’re a disgrace, you let these fucking people into Australia ay?”
After the woman had left the bus, and Jenny and Clive got off with the family to make sure they were okay. They told 9 News that both the family and the driver of the bus was understandably upset.
“They huddled together and assured each other that it was OK and I went up later and apologised and asked them if they were all right and they were okay.”
Watch the footage below: 
South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill has made a statement about this issue, saying, 
“This is not us, this is not who we are.”
The police have said the incident is “not acceptable” and are now searching for the woman in question, asking any witnesses to come forward. 
The woman could face charges of disorderly behaviour.  
Source: 9 News / 7 News.
Photo: 7 News.