Some Moron Has Ruined A Perfect Melbourne Day By Shoddily Skywriting ‘No’

It’s a really, really, really bloody nice day in Melbourne today, at long last. The miserable throes of winter have been cast off, giving way to a glorious spring day with barely a cloud in the sky.

And some absolute rank moron has decided to ruin that for everyone by writing “NO” in intensely dodgy block letters across the sky.

The enfeebled No Campaign, which flails wildly like ceiling fan that’s had a chair tossed into it, previously tried the baffling advertorial move of employing a skywriter to drag the letters N and O across Sydney skies a few days back.

Because the angry and largely confused reaction to that act apparently fit its KPIs perfectly, today Melbourne is, for whatever reason, copping the same treatment.

You get the bloody picture.

The writing is in the sky above the southern portion of the city, towards South Yarra.

Miffed onlookers are at a loose end trying to deal with it, with most baffled over the fact that apparently someone shelled out extra for the block lettering.

And then there’s those viewing it from a literal different perspective.

Whatever idiotic point the No campaign failed to make with the Sydney stunt sure as shit hasn’t been confirmed in Melbourne, and if anything all they’ve managed to do is take an otherwise idyllic spring day and make a bunch of nice people feel shitty.

Well done, geniuses. Mission bloody accomplished.