Melbourne’s Town Hall Is Getting Lit To Show The City’s Support For SSM

We are at the stage in the marriage equality fight where it is really important, symbolically and otherwise, for allies to the LGBTQI community to make it really really clear that they are going to turn up for us.

This means not just quietly thinking about how you support same-sex marriage, or sitting comfortably in your knowledge that you have lots of queer mates, and so everyone must know that you are on our side.

What is important now, while our community is being dragged through this fight, and our lives dragged through the mud, is for everyone to rally around us. Loudly, and publicly. The latest example of this being done well is the city of Melbourne. Yes, you read that right, the ENTIRE CITY OF MELBOURNE.

Melbourne City Council has decided definitively that they are throwing their support behind the LBGTQI community, with council tonight passing a motion to affirm their dedication to achieving marriage equality. Soon after, the official City of Melbourne tweeted that the council supports marriage equality because they believe they cannot be a city for all people, unless all people are treated equally. Beaut.

They are following up this statement with action, when for the next couple of nights, the Melbourne Town Hall will be lit up in rainbow colours, all to show the council’s support.

Lord Mayor Robert Doyle was clear that the council wanted to send a message, saying that when thinking of Melbourne, “I think of equality. I want Melbourne to take pride in its tolerant, welcoming, diverse culture. I believe all of our residents should have the opportunity to marry, if they wish.

They will also use public signage around the city, and will be offering shopfront window stickers to businesses in the coming months, all with the view to make it EXTREMELY CLEAR that marriage equality can, and should happen.

Good stuff.