It is really bloody hot all across Victoria today. And if there’s one thing Victorians love above all else, it’s opining out loud about the weather. Today represents the rare double-barrel day for citizens of the southern state keen to wax lyrical about the sky: Not only is it absolutely hot as shit, but there’s a truly blessed cool change coming. A banner day on the weather front for all concerned.

Folks across Melbourne endured a sweltering, “oppressive” night last night, with temperatures dipping down to an overnight low of 24.5 degrees at around 3:00am after hovering around 30 for much of the evening.

By around 7:00am the mercury was already back up above 30. At the time of writing, the temperature in Melbourne was sitting at around 38 degrees which, again we stress, is very fucken hot.

The good news, however, is that the Bureau of Meteorology is forecasting a cool change that will sweep across the state later really, really soon.

South-western parts of Victoria are already enjoying much more pleasant temperatures, with Warrnambool and Port Fairy both hovering around the 25-26 degree mark at present.

Bureau of Meteorology forecasters updated a previous forecast, posting radar images showing the front bringing the cool change had sped up. The previously estimated Metro Melbourne arrival time of 5pm has shortened to around 2pm or there abouts.

Beyond that, the change is due to arrive in areas like Geelong, Ballarat, and Werribee literally any moment now. Bayside areas around greater Melbourne are also a chance to cop the cool change at about this same time.

Once the cool change hits, BoM forecasters predict air temperatures could drop by as much as 10 to 15 degrees inside an hour. At Avalon, a drop of 10 degrees was recorded inside an hour at around midday.

Unfortunately for Victorian residents in northeastern parts of the state, the change won’t arrive until the early hours of Tuesday morning. That includes regional centres like Wangaratta, which is currently sitting at about 38 degrees, en route to a sunny and hot top of 41.

So there you go. That should be ample fuel for all Victorians keen to go a sentence or two deeper than just your average “christ it’s hot” pleasantries.