Shorten Shouts For Marriage Equality, Tells Abbott To “Get A Life” At Melbourne Rally

At a rally for marriage equality in Melbourne today, Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has delivered an impassioned plea for legalising same sex marriage in Australia, while addressing protesters.

Bill Shorten began his speech:

“Mr Abbott and his right wing liberals broke the heart of the nation. They are holding Australia back. It should not be the case in our country that people should not be allowed to be treated as a second class citizen, merely because of who they love. We are a better country.

And If Mr Abbott does not understand, that ordinary Australians, real people with families – we just want all Australians to be free of discrimination, to be able to marry who they want….our laws fail us if we do not allow marriage equality.”

The ALP Leader also warned against a referendum deciding the fate of same sex marriage in Australia. “Beware, the history of referendums – is it will unleash a divisive debate. We want to support marriage equality, because I do not want another generation of Australians growing up feeling stigma because of their sexuality.” 

Via SMH.