Bill Shorten Just Blasted Turnbull Over The Fkn Postal Vote & It’s Glorious

So the fuckos in the Liberal party have gone and shamefacedly shafted the LGBTQI community once again, this time by being such craven cowards that they can’t even call a bloody vote in parliament to knock this same-sex marriage thing over once and for all.

Nooo, they’ve got to spend literal millions of dollars on a postal vote asking whether we reckon The Gays are also people. It’s disgraceful, it’s exhausting, it’s enough to make you sick.

It’s also enough to finally make Bill Shorten get his righteous shout on at that lily-livered goose we’re legally obligated to call Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull.

Shorten’s tirade takes aim at Turnbull for mortgaging his own beliefs in order to kowtow to the conservatives within his own party, holds him responsible for the wave of hurt that’s going to flood the lives of LGBTQI people, and says that queer Australians have “every right to feel let down by their parliament today“:

He is giving his blessing to billboards, websites, pamphlets, TV advertising and online material. It will vilify and demean LGBTI Australians and their children.We know this bile will end up in the playground, the schoolyard and the sporting field. The slogans will be shouted at the children of same sex couples. Young children who are gay will be confronted by it on social media every day.

In an email urging Labor members to make sure they vote YES in the plebiscite, despite how distasteful this whole thing might be, Shorten wrote:

To LGBTI Australians, I want to say this: I’m sorry this is happening. I know you are frustrated and angry and sad and bewildered by how it has come to this – but I want you to know you are not alone in the fight ahead. We support marriage equality – and we will stand with you to make it happen.

It’s moving stuff from a leader who’s often been accused of being exactly the opposite. Here’s hoping this postal vote bullshit spells Turnbull’s downfall, and we get to see Shorten do his thing a whole lot more.