A Protest Party To Pressure Turnbull About Marriage Equality Is On Tonight

While many were hopeful that the recent leadership spill would lead to a more progressive stance on issues such as climate change and marriage equality, sadly (and completely unsurprisingly) it was not to be. 

New PM Malcolm Turnbull decided to take the same route and adopt the same policies on marriage equality as ex-PM Tony Abbott. So, our government will be continuing with the current party line (agreeing with the ‘traditional’ concept of marriage); they still will not be allowed a free vote on the matter, and the plebiscite will still happen next year. 
If you live in Sydney and you’re not overly stoked about this, you should probably attend tonight’s protest/party. DIY Rainbow have decided to do what Sydneysiders love the most: party. 
“We thought we could encourage Mr Turnbull to stay true to his word. But after years of promising Australians that he strongly supports marriage equality, on his first day in the top job Malcolm Turnbull chose to follow Tony Abbott’s lead. It looks like he’s planning to block a free vote on the reform, and delay a plebiscite until after the election. 

 This decision from Mr Turnbull is completely out of step with his own personal support of marriage equality, and the 72% of Australians who do too. It’s up to us to welcome him into the job with a bold, bright, colourful reminder that we’re going to keep fighting for marriage equality, and we want him to join us! 

The party on Wednesday night is still on, because after all, pride has always been a protest.

Come down to Taylor Square with your friends and family to send a message to the Prime Minister that we aren’t giving up on marriage equality, and that we need more than just words from him – we want action!”

James from DIY Rainbow said this to us:

“Following on from our ad-hoc Bye Bye Abbott party last week we’re thrilled to be back tonight supporting GetUp! with a much larger offering. We have to keep the pressure up on the Coalition Government that we want our rights, and we want them now!”

The ‘Hello Hello Malcolm’ party will be happening in Taylor Square on Oxford St in Darlinghurst this evening from 5:30pm. And if you’re keen to talk about the big issues afterwards, the informal ‘Stronger Together’ Q&A with representatives from GetUp!, AME, CAAH and DIY Rainbow, will be happening at Shift Bar from 8pm.
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