Everyone’s Roasting Malcolm Turnbull Because He Keeps Taking Credit For Marriage Equality

Remember when the marriage equality postal survey put the rights of queer people up for debate in a non-binding plebiscite for something that already had the numbers in parliament to be legislated directly anyway? Malcolm Turnbull sure does, and he still thinks he’s top shit because of it.

On Sunday night, rapper/screenwriter/actor Briggs told Turnbull that instead of performatively campaigning from the sidelines on issues like climate change nowadays, he should’ve actually done something while he was the leader of the damn country.

“Imagine you had half the spine you pretend you have now, when you had the job,” Briggs wrote.

To this, Turnbull replied: “Sure, with half a spine I could have legalised same-sex marriage.”

That’s right. Turnbull reckons his capitulating to the far-right, anti-marriage-equality factions of his own party is somehow proof that he had “a spine”.

We already know that enough MPs supported marriage equality at the time for it to have likely passed through the lower house.

It’s almost as if Turnbull did in fact only have half a spine when he decided to pretty much invent his own electoral process that dragged on for many months and negatively affected the mental health of those who it was supposed to be helping.

Obviously, this meant the man opened himself up to getting severely dacked online:



…yeah, you get the point.

The man has a HIDE for continuing to whip out this traumatic bit of political manipulation at every given moment. Thinking that it actually makes him look good just proves how little he’s reflected upon the whole ordeal.

Having a spine would mean directly legislating for marriage equality just like he claimed to support. Instead, the opposite happened.

Malcolm Turnbull, please shut the fuck up.