Turnbull’s Book Has Already Been Filed Under ‘Fiction’ & We’ve Scott No Idea Who Did It

With the release and launch of former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull‘s new book quickly devolving into stock-standard Liberal Party pissing contests, in which petty in-fighting has become an arm’s race to see whomst can piss further and harder than the previous person, it seemed merely a matter of time before someone landed the ultimate crushing blow on a recently released memoir: They’ve put it in the ‘Fiction’ section of a bookshop.

Cruel as it may seem, Turnbull’s book A Bigger Picture has indeed suffered the grim fate, with some vindictive bastard placing the book in the fiction section of a Canberra bookshop, thus rendering its entire contents moot, null, void, and little more than pure hogwash.


How do you recover from that? How can you possibly hope to keep claiming your book is non-fiction when someone has given it such ice cold treatment? The shame. The shame!

Whether or not this is the continued efforts of certain sections of the Liberal Party that have thus far managed to accumulate legal warnings for leaking the book early in a petty vendetta, or whether it’s an act of revenge to do with the fact that Turnbull apparently spends several pages talking about Barnaby’s hog remains to be seen.

Of course none of this changes the fact that Malcolm himself is enjoying every second of the press tour being a deeply messy drama pig wallowing in his own petty filth.

But still, single copy of memoir gets placed in fiction? Hard to see him coming back from that sizzling burn.