Lyle Shelton Had A Big Old Sook Over Turnbull’s Memoir, Which He *Somehow* Read Early

Lobbyist, anti-gay marriage campaigner and champion sook merchant Lyle Shelton got a hold of Malcolm Turnbull‘s new autobiography over the weekend, and proceeded to have a big old whinge about it online.

Turnbull’s tell-all memoir, A Bigger Picture, is technically out today, but last week leaked PDF copies were distributed to politicians and journalists via emails and WhatsApp (authorised review chapters were also legally distributed). The leak appears to have come from inside Scott Morrison‘s office, with a staffer apologising for distributing the book after publisher Hardie Grant Books sent him a cease and desist. The matter has now been referred to the AFP.

So Lyle Shelton receives a copy of the book – somehow – over the weekend, proceeds direct to the chapter on marriage equality, and decides to have a go on Twitter about it.

“Turnbull fails to understand the consequences of what he takes credit for in facilitating [rainbow flag] marriage,” Shelton said.

“It is stated by education ministers like Grace Grace in Qld that parents simply have to put up with gender fluid indoctrination of their kids at school because of SSM.

“Turnbull falsely claims that opposition to [rainbow flag] marriage was motivated by hate. Wrong. It was motivated by love for children whose right to the love of THEIR mother or father is now finally trashed in law. Well done Malcolm. Commercial surrogacy for two blokes is next.”

In separate tweets, Shelton also said Christian and Muslim schools “dodged a bullet” when Turnbull quit the leadership during the 2018 libspill, since Turnbull was opposed to religious schools being able to fire LGBTQI staff for their sexuality, gender or relationship status.

“[Turnbull] reveals he opposes their freedom to employ staff who share their ethos,” Shelton said.

Turnbull hasn’t commented, and probably won’t. Same-sex marriage passed in 2017 and everybody except Shelton mostly got on with their lives.

If you’re wondering why it’s been a hot minute since Shelton made the news, it’s because he faded into obscurity since same-sex marriage passed. He left the ACL to pursue a (short-lived) career in politics, and now spends his time getting mad about gender fluidity. Everyone needs a retirement hobby, I guess? Too bad his sucks huge, rancid farts.