WATCH: Lyle Shelton Defends Writer Who Compares Same-Sex Marriage To Nazism

Q&A last night was a special ‘all-Christian edition’, and all panellists were Christians of some flavour known for their views on the faith. One of them was Lyle Shelton, Managing Director of the Australian Christian Lobby, who is known mostly for his rabid opposition to same-sex marriage.

We got a nice taste of what is to come in the upcoming debate over the same-sex marriage plebiscite after an audience question about the ACA’s association with American writer Eric Metaxas, who has compared Christian tolerance of LGBT rights to German Christian tolerance of Nazi ideals during the 1930s.
The questioner asks whether comments comparing gay people to Nazis are acceptable. Shelton says that Metaxas never made those comments, then immediately concedes that Nazi Germany was certainly mentioned as an example of the Church endorsing policy counter to its morals.
Just an average bloke’s take: you can probably make the argument that churches are endorsing non-Biblical beliefs without making the seedy connection to Nazism.
Source: ABC.
Photo: ABC.