Cheeky M8 Snipes Christian Lobbyist’s URL, Diverts To Marriage Equality Hub

When the Australian Christian Lobby’s Lyle Shelton isn’t making allusions that backing Safe Schools is tantamount to permitting the rise of Nazismsupporting a writer who similarly claimed supporting LGBT rights is like supporting Nazism, or asserting that children raised by same-sex couples have been “taken” from their biological parents, he’s having relevant domain names snatched out from underneath him – and promptly used to endorse the exact opposite viewpoint.

If you want to take a second and visit, you’ll see exactly what we mean. Don’t worry, we’ll wait. However, if those results are juuust a click too far away for you, behold what awaits beyond that lil’ piece of hyperlink redirection:

That’s damn right – a big, fat co-sign for Not bad, “Lyle,” not bad at all. 

By “Lyle”, we mean Andrew Rogers, the mischievous bloke went who went ahead and sniped the URL from Shelton and the ACL earlier this year before loading it with messages of support and links to pro-LGBT organisations. 

At the time of that sneaky online dalliance, Rogers said he just wanted to counter the “vitriolic shit” that he believes groups like the ACL spout on the reg. While he ain’t affiliated with any of the organisations he’s included in those hyperlink-hijinx, nor does he identify himself on the LGBTQI spectrum, he’s evidently found it fit subvert some worrying ideologies with legal interweb trickery. 

Ladies and gents, Rick Rolls aside, it’s very rare that you’ll see such a sneaky but ultimately harmless act of subversion on the internet. Rarer still do those acts intend to counter the dialogues peddled by lobbyists. To get the full effect of the switcheroni, feel free to eyeball Shelton’s actual site, available here. Then, tell us you don’t like Rogers’ version a lil’ better.

Source: Supplied. 
Photo: ABC / Twitter Australian Marriage Equality.