Gay Horses In ‘My Little Pony’ Is The Last Straw For Normal Man Lyle Shelton

Is this so bad, Lyle Shelton?

Here’s an anecdote about Lyle Shelton: About six months ago, I walked past him in the Brisbane suburb of West End. Wearing an Australian Conservatives polo shirt, he was sitting in the outside area of the Coffee Club just up from the big Vulture and Boundary Street intersection, hunting-and-pecking at the keyboard of a comically small laptop.

[jwplayer WbTMpuDT]

While you can certainly make inferences about his character by the fact that he has dedicated his life and career to using his very large platform to demonise and malign people in the LGBT community, I reckon this sighting alone speaks volumes about him. Of all the things on offer in West End — of the numerous breakfast options available to him — this motherfucker chose to get his at a soulless chain mostly famous for overcharging for toasted sandwiches. The man is a cardboard cutout.

If you’re wondering what he’s been up to since he helped spearhead the ‘no’ campaign in the postal survey, I am very happy to report that the man has not used the time to reflect, collect his thoughts, and calm the fuck down. The man is, as of today, framing a moment of representation in a TV show about magical cartoon horses as the got-dang apocalypse.

That’s right, folks: Just showing kids a married same-sex couple is indoctrinating children into believing that… uh, gay people exist? Same-sex marriage exists? I’m not really sure.

This post is only a few tweets up from him retweeting someone condemning a homophobic attack on a lesbian couple on a London bus — but blaming it on porn, not homophobia.

Bit of a mixed message here, to suggest that homosexuality shouldn’t be visibly tolerated in society, but to also condemn that logical endpoint of that belief. I guess the only conclusion that you could draw is that Shelton is an amoral grifter and complete fuckhead? Weird.