It’s been a while since someone said something offensive about marriage equality, so we were due for a for a fresh round of bullshit to snake its way into our eye holes and burn.

It comes to you this morning from Tasmanian Liberal senator Eric Abetz, who had a good old whinge to the ABC this morning about how he’s getting ambushed the building marriage equality momentum from within the Liberal party.

It’s all thanks to Queensland Liberal MP Warren Entsch, who is pushing for legislation to legalise gay marriage if the public approved of a plebiscite, within 100 days of the next federal election. Malcolm Turnbull is considering it, and Eric Abetz ain’t happy.

“It seems a bit of a thought bubble and an ambush to boot,” Abetz said. “The overwhelming vote of the party room is to maintain the truth of marriage as being between a man and a women.” – wrong, according to marriage equality advocates – “To try to force MPs to vote for legislation contrary to that is against that which the party room so overwhelmingly decided.”

Here, mate:

You Guys, Eric Abetz Is Sick Of Being “Ambushed” By Marriage Equality Talk

Now, it just wouldn’t be your typical anti-marriage equality spew-speech without someone bringing up the poor, victimised children of gay parents who wouldn’t get their right to choose straight, biological parents, as if this was where all other babies come from, and as if gay people weren’t already allowed to have children, you feckless goons:

“All things being equal, the ideal situation is for the biological parents to provide the security for their children.”

– Eric Abetz, 2015. TWENTY FIFTEEN. 

You Guys, Eric Abetz Is Sick Of Being “Ambushed” By Marriage Equality Talk

If the anti-marriage equality lot could come up with an argument that’s not “children are happier with straight parents” (wrong), or “marriage has always been between a man and a woman” (wrong), or “it will lead to marriage between all things including dogs” (pull yourself together, Bernardi), then this might be a debate worth having.

Until then, could you just sit quietly in the corner and let the rest of us do our thing?

Thanks all the same.

You Guys, Eric Abetz Is Sick Of Being “Ambushed” By Marriage Equality Talk

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